Why Your Company Should Be Advertising on TV

What Are the Advantages of Advertising on TV?

Advertising on TV offers a number of benefits to businesses by incorporating sound, images and movement to make the whole package interesting for consumers. Ads that capture the attention of the audience can start consumers talking, effectively reaffirming the advertising message. In addition, cable advertising allows businesses to target very specific geographic areas at a lower cost than major network advertising.


One of the benefits of TV advertising is its ability to communicate with a very large audience. Considered a form of mass media, TV ads work well to attract attention, generate awareness and establish preference for products and services, says Lin Grensing-Pophal, author of “Marketing With the End in Mind.” Because of the broad audience they target–particularly through major TV networks–TV ads tend to provide general, rather than very specific, messages.

Growing Ability to Differentiate

Despite the large audience reach of television, it’s important to note that the ability to target market segments has grown significantly over the years, says Grensing-Pophal. Even network TV offers a wide range of programming options where ads are most likely to be viewed by specific target audience segments. With cable television advertising, advertisers can narrowly target specific market segments not only by placing their ads in specific programs but also choose specific zip-code areas for broadcasting the ads.

Multi-Sensory Appeal

TV has always been able to appeal to multiple senses through its combination of text, images, sound and motion. While the development of effective TV spots require significant planning and the use of experienced, and often expensive, production experts, the value can be significant as well. It is its multi-sensory appeal that allows TV advertising to remain a viable option for many advertisers.

Source: SmallBusiness.chron.com