Medipac Commerical Shoot

June 29, 2017

Wait until you see what we can do with a whole 60 seconds!  Just last week, Clear Media was in production for our client, Medipac, shooting a 60-second Direct Response ad for their travel insurance product. We’ve included some “sneak peeks” of the shoot and what went down with our amazing crew and cast.  This… – Continue Reading

Hilti Corporate Video Shoot

February 1, 2017

“POWERING” THROUGH HILTI CANADA’S AGM This January, Clear Media took on a formidable challenge, and came through with flying colours. Our client, Hilti Canada, tasked us to shoot their 2-day Annual General Meeting, and edit it into a 6-minute video. Easy enough, right? Not exactly. While a 6-minute video usually takes three to four days… – Continue Reading

Boogie Board Commercial Shoot

September 30, 2016

September was a frenetic month for Clear Media – among our many activities, we were in pre-production getting ready to shoot a commercial for our client, Kent Displays, advertising their Boogie Board eWriters. Once we had everything in the can, we headed into the edit suite to finalize the commercial creative. You can see it… – Continue Reading Commercial Shoot

August 25, 2016

Clear Media is currently hard at work in post-production, creating a commercial for our client, We can’t show you what it looks like (we promise we’ll share it with you in the next newsletter) but for now, we’ll leave you guessing with some “behind the scene” images from the shoot. Have a look and… – Continue Reading