Newsletter: April 2018



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The month of March was a very busy one for Clear Media, with two pieces of exciting news to share: We’ve been gearing up for lots of activity in Q2, and our new website is now up and running. We’d like you to check it out – browse our video playlists, blog posts, find out more about what we do, as well as what our clients have to say about working with the Clear Media team. And be sure to visit our “Contact” page and get in touch with us. What are you waiting for? Find out more about our services now!

Our second newsworthy item? Our Director of Business Development, Logan Miller, was appointed to the position of Vice President in March. Logan, who joined the Clear Media team almost five years ago, is excited to take on the challenges that his new role brings. Congratulations Logan!



This month’s Media Made Easy (MME) combines national television air time on HGTV, Slice, W Network, Cooking Channel, Food Network and E! with a complete commercial production. MME’s are a unique turnkey approach to advertising that that defy the traditional-agency model of media buying. These amazing campaigns are being sold on a first-come, first-served basis – don’t miss out on this truly unique opportunity to increase your bottom line.



We were thrilled to welcome Canada Beef to our client roster in the month of March. The organization is national, and represents the marketing and promotion of the Canadian cattle and beef industry worldwide. In as little as a week and a half, Clear Media planned and executed a national media buy on CTV News Channel with an audience of 4.2 million Adults 18+. The campaign’s purpose was to draw attention to beef’s substantial nutrient profile, in conjunction with its amazing versatility as part of a balanced diet. Have a look at 15-second client-produced creative, for which Clear Media obtained the necessary creative broadcast regulatory clearances through ASC and Telecaster, and digitally distributed to CTV in time for their campaign. (Warning: may create hunger pangs)



  • Digital platforms have made TV advertising 40% more effective for brands
  • Canadians watch 24.5 hours per week (A18+)
  • Think millennials don’t watch TV? Think again: they spend almost 14 hours / wk watching television
  • 83% of all video time is spent with TV
  • Consumers engage most with TV advertising
  • Canadians of all ages say they are most likely to pay attention to TV ads
  • AND they rate TV the most engaging, influential, and trustworthy form of advertising
  • Brands drive greater ROI and profit by advertising on TV
  • TV advertising has the highest efficiency of all media, delivering up to 7x the ROI
  • Reducing investment in TV advertising not only negatively impacts sales (by 3x), but makes every other advertising medium in a campaign less efficient

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