Slurp ‘N Fresh® To Air National Television Advertising Campaign

Slurp ‘N Fresh®, the perfect breath freshener for your pet, is launching their first ever full-scale television advertising campaign.  Veterinarian recommended Slurp ‘N Fresh® provides cleaner, healthier pet breath without tooth brushing.  Non-masking Slurp ‘N Fresh® actually has a residual effect on the digestive system, which improves pet breath from the source.  Simply add a capful to your pets’ drinking water to eliminate bad breath.  It’s from the makers of Get the Odour Out®, so you know it works!  And customers love it!

The television advertising agency for this campaign,, has the production of the Slurp ‘N Fresh® 30-second television commercial well underway.  The concept for this commercial utilizes a strategic approach, incorporating dogs and children, that is sure to be a winner with the target market for Slurp ‘N Fresh®, female pet owners age 25-50.  Light-hearted humour is the cornerstone of this concept, with the opening line being delivered by the family dog “Come on, I chew on sneakers all day – what do you expect my breath to smell like?” has booked Slurp ‘N Fresh® to broadcast their commercial nationally, coast-to-coast, from July 1st to September 1st, 2002.  This initial nine week push is strategically targeted to Principal Shoppers including placements to air in on The Life Channel, The Food Network, and Home & Garden Television, as well as on Showcase Action, Showcase Diva, and the National Geographic Channel.

Taking advantage of the most influential, informative, and entertaining medium ever created is sure to generate even more success for this unique brand that has carved out an inarguable niche for itself in the marketplace.  With all that is planned, this first venture into television advertising for Slurp ‘N Fresh® is sure to be a success, warranting a long future on the powerful television advertising medium.