What Lies Ahead for the Future of Television Advertising 

Dear TV: We Love You. You’re Perfect. Now Change. (But Not Too Much.)

TV networks are making strides to digitize TV, but there are plenty of hurdles to overcome.

Picture this: Thursday night at 9 p.m., you grab your glass of wine and sink into the couch to watch “Scandal” on ABC. But instead of an hourlong programming block interspersed with some 10 minutes of commercials for products you may never buy, you see a two-minute piece of content starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope. The whole thing looks a lot like the TGIT drama, with Olivia wearing her metaphorical white hat and fixing yet another White House scandal, but she is doing all of it with the help of her Samsung Galaxy. Not so coincidentally, you are actually in the market for a new smartphone. The rest of the show is commercial-free.

This could be the future of TV.

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Source: What Lies Ahead for the Future of Television Advertising | Media – AdAge